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  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 day ago

    Hiya Keeb! Not much happening here, unfortunately.

  • keeb
    keeb  3 weeks ago

    ya'll still jamming out?

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  5 months ago

    Happy New Year, Russa! And everyone else, too! We are still kicking...

  • russa
    russa  5 months ago

    Happy New Year

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  7 months ago

    BRC here is the link to join discord https://top.gg/servers/search?q=FSK405

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  8 months ago

    Hey, Rubber, good to see u r still around. They all on discord now.

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  8 months ago

    Hope everyone is vaxxed up and managed to avoid the COVID. Look forward to fragging you next time, whenever it is.


  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  8 months ago

    Just noticed that it says 02-10-06 for FSK405 BRC...is that when I last played on the server?

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  8 months ago

    That was supposed to read "PLAYER will get torn"...but apparently the CMS interprets GT and LT symbols. Not a good sign for security ;-)

  • a BigRubberCock
    a BigRubberCock  8 months ago

    I have not played any games for...15 years? So cool to see so many still in the mix. Was just trying to find something "not work" I could do once in a while and thought "Hmmmm, I wonder"

    Doubt I'll ever find the time, but you never know. Maybe "> will get torn a new hole by a BigRubberCock" again...

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News Archive

June Mapcycle

 Frog   10 Jun 2007
 None    FSK405 News
Hello fellow UrT players! We have a new mapcycle…finally.

Enable Auto-Download to quickly get your maps. FSK405 June mapcycle has a nice mix of old 3.x. maps, 4.0 maps and new 3rd party maps with CTF, TS and Bomb gametypes. We felt it was important to continue our support for old school maps that still play well and are not missing vital textures. To the 3rd party mappers…thank you so much!…Keep ‘em coming please! Once again, FSK405 would like to personally thank everyone for their contributions to our server, both monetarily and from the input we receive. Without YOU, we could not run this server or offer the wonderful services so many people work on here at FSK.

For people that do have a problem using Auto-Download the maps are available to download by using the download link in the upper-top-left. If you can not see the download link then you are not logged into our website using your username and password. Please join our website to use this service.

Also, lighting in 3.x and 4.0 are vastly different, which causes the 3.x maps to appear darker then the 4.0 maps. There are different ways in which you can change your gamma. First, you can change your slider bar in the User Interface, but you can only slide the bar so far. Second, you can bring down you console, then type in /r_gamma to find your value, andd then change it accordingly. I use 1.8 for 4.0 maps and 2.6 for 3.x maps. Third, you can write a bind for this if you want to get fancy, as I expect many of you will do. Simply open your q3config.cfg (or autoexec.cfg) that is located in your %\Quake III Arena\q3ut4 and add two lines.
bind 'key' r_gamma “value�

Here are a few examples:
bind o r_gamma "1.8"
bind p r_gamma "2.5"

June Mapcycle
ut_aardtimes_beta2 (bomb)
ut4_kotp (NO Nades)
ut4_snoppis ( TS )
ut4_arena2 (Pistols)

//w0rd Froggie!

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