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  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Longi! Been a long time! It's still there, but not very busy. I check in every once in a while. Sometimes I have seen The Old One on.

  • Longi
    Longi  2 months ago

    What happened to the Superman server?

  • Longi
    Longi  2 months ago

    G'Day from Australia. It's been a while...

  • AceTone
    AceTone  2 months ago

    Belated Happy New Year to all FSK and Friends!

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  4 months ago

    Junior! How are ya? That's the most I've ever seen you type!

  • junior06
    junior06  4 months ago

    Hello, Happy end of year and lots of good things

  • ghozt
    ghozt  4 months ago

    Hey hey hey

  • Pockets
    Pockets  4 months ago

    It's been so long! yall probably old af. Hope you guys still play video games somewhere.

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  8 months ago

    Happy New Year to you too Sam!

  • mushroom
    mushroom  9 months ago

    Where is Refucx. Did he tell everyone to shutup and leave? SAD...

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 ghozt   23 Jul 2008
 None    FSK405 News
Unfortunately We have gone way over our bandwidth for the month of June, we are allotted 2500GB and they say we have used 3784.92 GB and have charged us 642.00 in overages which brings our bill to 812$ luckily I have 180$(junes bill we raised) of that currently and maybe another 100$ coming in. I have called yesterday and today and spoke with someone in accounting, they are not very nice people( the rest of the planet staff and tech support has been great). They have told me yes they can split the payments up but it is due in full in 5 business days, which gives us until next Wednesday before they pull the plug. Now if I had and extra 650$ I would gladly pay it out of pocket that how much I have loved doing this but unfortunately I just don't have it.

I really even hate to have to reach out to you guys for help but I have no other options atm.
I will be providing of course all relevant info and records or where these charges came from to the community and be sharing the outcome of their investigation. But as it stands now I have 5 days to raise the money, I do have some old pc's ive been trying to sell so hopefully i can off them really quick if anyones interested I can post better details of them, ones a dell optiplex 2x270 2.8 GHZ HT with 1GB ram and a GTS8800 that im selling for around 250 the others a amd socket A ultra board with a 2800+ and a gs7200 agp card, these both are great pc's for urban terror and the dell even plays cod4.

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