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DankRider, Thu Oct 11 2012, 11:22PM

FSK405 is emulating the Superman servers administrative structure allowing non FSK405|Members to help administrate the server. The main reasons are to help populate the server, maintain the servers integrity, and we consider the server is partially owned by the community.

If you have interest in helping administrate the FSK405 BF3 server, contact Sasquatch. All applications will be considered though there will be a limit to the amount of non FSk405 administrators.

We would like to thank the community for the continued support.


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How to populate the BF3 Server! ~ Read on if you care ;-')

Experience has taught me there is a simple answer.

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd ~ It takes an admin presence with players to populate a server

You can change the map cycle all you want ~ but no one outside a known community member will ever be the first to join no matter how unique your server setting are. - :Question: Would you join an empty server if you had a desire to play?

This isn't an answer, but rather a suggestion ~ Superman was built by empowering the players with REF and B3 abilities. Maybe the BF3 team should consider using one of the servers as a test platform allowing non FSK405|Members to help admin.

As fortunate as we are to have a solid community of like mind folks. We are an old group with an 5-6 hour a day window of playing. Far from the day's of youth pulling an all night bender.

After my long winded answer the short is: If we are unwilling or able to populate the server at all hours while having a desire to keep it populated. We/FSK405|BF3 team may need outside assistance from trusted community members willing to populate and admin the server in off hours.

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Re: Battlefield 3 Admins
Sasquatch, Fri Oct 12 2012, 09:30AM

I think it is a great Idea. Any interested FSK community friend should apply in this thread. We wont be able to take all applicants, but make your interest known here.

Id like to thank these community members for stepping up to help admin our BF3 Servers.


Re: Battlefield 3 Admins
Sasquatch, Tue Oct 16 2012, 08:19AM

In game commands.