Add me Origin.

Soldi3r, Tue Sept 03 2013, 11:02PM

Hey guys, so i just got BF3 on origin and i started playing it and its pretty good. i used to play on the console, untill i got it on the PC. but anyway here is my origin
Re: Add me Origin.
AceTone, Tue Sept 03 2013, 11:15PM

Hi guys, allow me to oficially introduce him to you:

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russa, Wed Sept 04 2013, 02:46AM

Welcome to the PC ELITIST !!! Reflux stars in this one.

Re: Add me Origin.
Soldi3r, Thu Sept 05 2013, 06:27PM

PC Gaming FTW, although i use my PS3 Controller due to the fact i get a better grip on the jet with the joysticks.