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  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  5 days ago

    Wish I'd seen this earlier, Mushroom. I'll see if I can find you some help.

  • mushroom
    mushroom  5 days ago

    unable to join fsk discord, says i've been banned, despite never using it. when trying to connect to any server ,my packets get dropped on the floor. tcpdump comes back with rejects. i can take a hint. ggs bye.

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Maybe someone banned me because of superior skillz?

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Help! Superman now shows up on master list, but still can't connect in any way. Over...

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Help! Can not connect to Superman either through master list or console. Thank You. That is all. Over...

  • dgrunt
    dgrunt  2 months ago

    Where is the discord channel?

  • zimzalabing
    zimzalabing  2 months ago

    doing well here . Been long time , hope everyone doing well also.

  • ghozt
    ghozt  2 months ago

    Hey everybody! Miss you guys. Hope all is well!

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  3 months ago

    Hey Fu! I demand a lot of things get fixed...

  • fu daddy
    fu daddy  4 months ago

    Hey everybody! Hope you are all doing well. I demand Reflux make the find password code thing easier. Just took 20 minutes to find and change my password! I won't be able to game for a while, but wanted to drop in and say HI.

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-= Mid Sept-Oct Cycle =-

13 Sep : 00:19  |  Frog  |  Mapcycle  |   3
Finally a new September cycle!
Finally a new September cycle! FSK405 wants to thank you for your patients waiting for Septembers map cycle. Due to the upcoming release of Urban Terror 4.0 we created an extensive map cycle containing 24 maps, allowing us to enjoy the last of what could be Urban Terror 3.7. Octobers Map Request is already open and ready for your posts in the 'Request and Rants' forums. Once again, thanks everyone for their DONATIONS and your suggestions, we try to be the best pub server out there. Without your contributions, both monetarily and creatively this server would not be here! **please read the note at the bottom of post**

So click the PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON, over there ------------------->

All maps in the cycle are available on our
FTP server here:

ut_aardtimes_beta2 7
ut_afterhours FT

*In order to maximize your game play experience in intermodal you might want to increase your hunk megs to at least 128. You can adjust your Hunk Megs in your config by adding this line: (seta com_hunkMegs "128") You can adjust your hunk Megs while playing UrT through the console by adding this line: /com_hunkmegs 128 **Many UrT players set their HunkMegs to half of their RAM. For example, if you have 512 RAM in you machine the recommended setting would be 256. Default Quake setting is 56k which is way to low for the larger maps


  • 23 Mar : 19:37
    Posted by ssneoma

    ????? ?????? ??????? ??? ????, ????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ?? ????????????? ????? ????????? ? ????? ????????

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  • 18 Nov : 00:39
    Posted by FSK405 Earl

    Shuddup G!!!!!

    Speaking of cycles, aren't we in November?

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  • 13 Sep : 03:56
    Posted by ghozt

    24 maps! wtf are you nuttz.. when will we ever get to play them all!

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