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  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  6 days ago

    Join us Sunday at 8:00 EDT for the regular Sunday scrim! Jump on TS3 or find he FSK405 scrim server online.

  • [user avatar]
    Je'la'd  1 week ago

    Anyone alive in here? Just reachin out to old friends.... haven't played with most of you in forever.....

  • [user avatar]
    nugjar  2 weeks ago

    Sweet. Always glad to see FSK still rollin along.

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  2 weeks ago

    Why yes it is, Nugjar. Woke me up with all your tapping so early in the morning. Thanks for the donation!

  • [user avatar]
    nugjar  2 weeks ago

    Tap..Tap..Tap...Is this thing on?

  • [user avatar]
    SpecieS  1 month ago

    Nice to hear that I'm not totally forgotten and thanks for the invitation, SAM and Squrl. smile
    Unfortunately 7pm CST is 1am here in Germany, so that's not quite ideal for me wink
    And sorry I didn't reply earlier, I'm a bit busy with my studies. Going to write my masters thesis in electrical engineering next winter term smile

  • [user avatar]
    Binge and Grab  1 month ago

    ts3 down ?

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Thanks for the $20 donation, SG! I don't recall kissing a furry saddle...

  • [user avatar]
    Squrl  2 months ago

    Seems you already know when and where to get that technical support hehe

  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  2 months ago

    Join us Sunday evenings friendly scrims
    7pm Central
    teamspeak ts3.fsk405.com

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