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  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Join us Sunday at 8:00 EDT for the regular Sunday scrim! Jump on TS3 or find he FSK405 scrim server online.

  • Je'la'd
    Je'la'd  1 month ago

    Anyone alive in here? Just reachin out to old friends.... haven't played with most of you in forever.....

  • nugjar
    nugjar  1 month ago

    Sweet. Always glad to see FSK still rollin along.

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Why yes it is, Nugjar. Woke me up with all your tapping so early in the morning. Thanks for the donation!

  • nugjar
    nugjar  1 month ago

    Tap..Tap..Tap...Is this thing on?

  • SpecieS
    SpecieS  2 months ago

    Nice to hear that I'm not totally forgotten and thanks for the invitation, SAM and Squrl. smile
    Unfortunately 7pm CST is 1am here in Germany, so that's not quite ideal for me wink
    And sorry I didn't reply earlier, I'm a bit busy with my studies. Going to write my masters thesis in electrical engineering next winter term smile

  • Binge and Grab
    Binge and Grab  3 months ago

    ts3 down ?

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  3 months ago

    Thanks for the $20 donation, SG! I don't recall kissing a furry saddle...

  • Squrl
    Squrl  3 months ago

    Seems you already know when and where to get that technical support hehe

  • mushroom
    mushroom  3 months ago

    Join us Sunday evenings friendly scrims
    7pm Central
    teamspeak ts3.fsk405.com

Team Speak 3

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Latest Posts

Superman Compendium 2012

12 Mar : 22:21  |  Misc  |   2
Team's have been selected

FSK405|Server Procurement Announcement

03 Mar : 01:24  |  Misc  |   3
FSK405|Server Procurement Announcement
FSK405|Server Procurement Announcement

Heading up the FSK405|Server_Team: FSK405|Reflux
Thanks for the contribution and effort

Narrative: The Journey
It is with great pleasure to announce that FSK405 has procured servers for our social community. For roughly 9 years FSK405|Ghozt facilitated the community’s server requirements, renting from The Planet/Soft layer. Upon its conception, the servers were state of the art and at a solid value. Over the years and a few upgrades, Softlayer stepped away from providing stable servers at a reasonable price, forcing us to seek out other options.

What was offered and why we picked what we picked? The FSK405|Server_Team originally intended purchasing hardware, while building and co-locating it in a data center of our choosing. It was assumed this would give us better control and connectivity at a substantial discount. Further investigation found that co-locating a server could only parallel our service with Softlayer. When evaluating locations and hardware types, it made the most sense to pick an option that gave us the most flexibility. It soon came to light that building our own physical server might not make sense, IF, and a big if, we could find a home that would remove the uncertainty of performance. The type of performance we're talking about here is twofold, server performance and network performance. While we could guarantee server performance doing our own build, we couldn't guarantee network performance. We began to consider what would happen should we choose a data center that was affordable, but lacked that fantastic connectivity we wanted. What would happen should we experience a hardware failure? Can we put this responsibility in the hands of somebody else and still not lose?

Enter NFO Servers. Flexible, flexible, and flexible with 8 locations and 6 configurations to choose from. To top that off, web hosting on a separate dedicated web hosting server. Separating web traffic from game traffic is somewhat of a perk we hadn’t originally considered. Why NFO? Believe me, we didn’t rush into this. As you may recall, this has been a project in the works for nearly two years, with the bulk of the server procurement taking up the last 10 months. We wanted to be smart about this, do our homework, and make the “right” decision. This homework included talking to other clans, gathering information, going through the motions, testing providers, locations, & configurations. This required putting out money, money donated outside of normal FSK donation channels to remove that burden from our regular contributors. Nuclear Fallout Servers, “NFO”, is a gaming community that got fed up with poor game hosting services and thus evolved into a gaming server rental business. Focused on the gamer’s desires and requirements, NFO provides what gamers need, flexible and powerful configuration options.

How is flexibility defined at NFO Servers? Should we discover that we need more CPU horsepower, we simply put in a request for more, more, more and it’s automatically applied. Should we decide that a location just isn’t working out, we can opt to move our server to one of the other 7 locations. Given a few hours of downtime and server reconfig, we’re moved.

After months of testing, the FSK405|Server_Team found NFO suited our specific needs and was deemed the best solution to host our community’s core requirements. As all of the Superman regulars were aware, the Superman server was suffering terribly. Something had to be done immediately. The decision was made to pull the trigger and use the SM server as the guinea pig. We were confident in our choice, but this would prove that decision. After a month of complete success, we began testing locations for our Pub Servers. By the end of January, that test had morphed into our home, Denver, CO. Over the next two weeks we had smoothly slipped out of the grapple hold called “The Planet”.

Donation Update
FSK405 would like to thank the community for the continued support to maintain our online social environment. Every dollar donated is and will go towards the community and continued payment for the servers. Because of YOU, we may at some point be able to pay a full year in advance, reducing our overall costs by 15%, YEAH! Though we do have a small cushion, it is donations that keep this community a float. A task we couldn't do without your support, and for that again we thank you.

When regarding FSK405 internal business, we are open to questions. We just ask you pull one of aside on Team Speak.

Trancr's Ride for Cancer

22 Feb : 17:41  |  Misc  |   2
FSK405's Friend Trancer is Participating in
FSK405's Friend Trancer is Participating in Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer
Va12 Logo
Enridge's Ride to Conquer Cancer is a 200 mile Cycling Ride from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, USA over two days. Eligible riders are expected to procure $2,500 in donations. Since January 12, 2012 Trancer has gained 82% of the donations and would like to ask the community for additional support. All donations go directly to BC Cancer Foundation, who then use the funds towards research done at BC Cancer Agency. For more information follow Trancers thread at: http://www.fsk405.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?58592 For more information about Enbridge's ride to Conquer Cancer http://www.conquercancer.ca/site/TR?px=2879587&pg=personal&fr_id=1413&s_src=BF_emailbadge2012 We at FSK405 commend his efforts raising interest in conquering cancer, and wish him the best on his 200 mile adventure.
Trancers Donation progress:
(click the image to go Trancers donation page)

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