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Current: $ 63
Target: $ 130
Due Date: 12/31/2017

This Months Donators:

      04/12   MC-Yoda  $50 
      04/12   Binge and Grab  $13 

    *** TOTAL *** $63 


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  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 week ago

    Binge grabbed some Loonies and sent them our way!

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 week ago

    Its a Christmas Miracle! Or maybe just a large donation from Yoda.

  • [user avatar]
    Squrl  1 week ago

    The Elf is back! Sup ole buddy

  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  2 weeks ago

    Hi Keeb !

    We are still here; fsk405.com:27960
    also visible in-game server browser
    usually pretty quiet. weekday activity is around 9-10pm PST

    join our teamspeak;

  • [user avatar]
    keeb  2 weeks ago

    also is there still an FSK server?

  • [user avatar]
    keeb  2 weeks ago

    hey people long time no talk! got a new system and gonna check out URT again smile

  • [user avatar]
    hud13  2 weeks ago

    hope everyone has a good and safe Thanksgiving heart

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  3 weeks ago

    Risk takes a chance and bets a 10-spot on FSK!

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  3 weeks ago

    Pez dispenses a nice donation!

  • [user avatar]
    Binge and Grab  3 weeks ago

    So delicious... hes Furrylicious !!!!!



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  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Squrl 1 week ago
    OK so i just wont use the auth key for now. I am having trouble with opening my config, I could swear it used to open...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 1 week ago
    I had to disable the auth key function here lately for me to be able to play some maps on our server. I would say log...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Squrl 1 week ago
    So I downloaded urban terror onto my laptop, I went to put my auth key and it is telling me that I entered it wrong. ...
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    Posted by fu daddy 2 weeks ago
    FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! November 26, 2017-= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-November 26, 2017 20:00 EasternBattle ...
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    Posted by fu daddy 4 weeks ago
    FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! November 12, 2017-= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-November 12, 2017 20:00 EasternBattle ...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 1 month ago
    lol Trancer....He is on the bottom of the list - Reflux must be pissed that he is stealing his spoon over and over ag...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Tranc3r 1 month ago
    lol! no, he went AWOL and found his way back home (he joined fsk in feb 2008). great guy to frag with and used to pla...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 1 month ago
    New faces are always fun! Who is FSK405|KickButts? New member?
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Tranc3r 1 month ago
    GG, great turn out, good to see new faces joining in on the fun!
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by DankRider 1 month ago
    FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! November 5th-= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-November 5th, 2017 20:00 EasternBattle Rant...

We need your feedback on the next mapcycle!

 Dierth   17 Jan : 21:55
 None   Mapcycle
Please visit the following thread in our forums and throw down your ideas for the upcoming mapcycle.


We take negative feedback too so if you don't voice your opinion here then don't bother bitchin in game cuz we ain't listening!

Mapcycle for 2006!

 Dierth   31 Dec : 01:43
 None   Mapcycle
Happy New Years! Here's a fresh cycle for your enjoyment:

ut_koth // pistols & nades only!

All 3rd party maps in the cycle are available on our FTP server here:
Maps not in the current cycle are located here:

Teamspeak for teh Mac!

 ghozt   11 Dec : 02:18
 None   Misc
Some people were asking about it and I figure it is big enough news to warrant a posting to our site. A Teamspeak 2 compatible Mac client can be found at http://savvy.nl/blog/. Oh and get those donations in folks, tis the season to give. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays as per your beliefs wink [Submitted by FSK405C]