September 16, 2005 -- New Map Cycle!
Posted on Monday 19 September 2005 - 12:56:59 by Dierth  
Here's the new map cycle. All maps not included with UrT can be found on our FTP server.

ut_pg2-27 // pistols only!
ut_sled (wily's latest craziness!)

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STA Pro-bowl for MOnday 8/1!
Posted on Sunday 31 July 2005 - 21:39:51 by FSK405 Earl  
Don't bring the arguments from the other one into this one. Keep it related to the game, not a contest of who's a bigger idiot.

Well, first of all, allow me to thank each and every player who participated in this STA season. It was possibly the cleanest and most problem free season we've had to date, something we're very proud of, so thank you all for your role in that.

The Pro Bowl is a celebration of the greatest players to play in that particular season of STA, and so it's always a superstar filled lineup. This season we have representatives from 10 different clans, all of which have earned their position in this event.

When making the rosters, rather than have "team captains" (which last season were rashly and I) pick players one by one by one, we took a more balanced approach. The top 5 clans this season had two players from each team make the Pro Bowl (with the exception of >, they had three), so in making the teams, we took .:blam:.'s player with the most votes and put him on Team A, and their second player on Team B. After that, /VeX/'s player with the most votes went to Team B and the second to Team A, and so on (we took >'s third player and put him on the wild card list). With the remaining players from other clans (wild cards), we ordered them by the number of votes they had recieved, and the first, third, fifth, etc. player went to Team A, and the others to Team B.

Well, without further adieu, here are the Pro Bowl lineups (in alphabetical order):

Zero's team (Team A)
brolly, CaMar0z, dragoonslayer, Earl, lies, m0kaz, string, Stryder

rashly's team (Team
AbFab, audioaxes, BlueVenom, civil, ]{eeper, KKiller, PNASTY, XpL!c!t

The Pro Bowl will be held this Sunday at 9:00 PM EST on PGrounds-Day. There will, of course, be GTV, and possibly a shoutcast. Be sure to tune in a check out some of the best players of this STA season!

Each player will be guaranteed to play 1 map (2 if it goes to overtime).

Congrats to Earl!!!

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New Map Cycle!
Posted on Monday 25 July 2005 - 09:50:42 by ghozt  
We dumped some maps, added some sweet ones, and changed some settings to bring you one bad mofo cycle. Hop on our forums if you have ideas how to make this cycle mo betta.

ut_rommel // LOW GRAV ROMMEL and PISTOLS, W00T!
ut_druglord // original map, not beta3 version
ut_park_avenue // gotta have G's porn shop in there

[Submitted by [DiE]rth]

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New Mapcycle
Posted on Wednesday 04 May 2005 - 17:34:11 by ghozt  
// Dierth's pimpass cycle - 4/21/05
ut_druglord // original map, not beta3 version












// end of cycle

You can find current mapcycle at

thx gg pz

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Server info's
Posted on Wednesday 02 March 2005 - 21:29:21 by ghozt  
Hey everyone.. If you havent noticed The urt server is running the SID GoSu edition of 3.7, You dont need to even go download it.. ITs server side only.

Many people have siad it brings back that 2.3 or so feel to the game.. Im loving it up. Also
SID would love to hear your comments on this TEST version. you can post that stuff here ->

And If you use a free email provider such as hotmail or any of the other spam haven email and I think even Any site on this server will reject your mail.. theirfor you cannot register to this site or even, just use your ISP or gmail.. Dont worry I run this site and the forums for urbanterror .. your email address is safe!

We also could use some support by means of getting back on the server and keeping it populated more, and you know I was gonna throw this in.. DONATE!!! we could use some money in the bank for the upcomming bill!


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FSK405 Recruitment Day
Posted on Tuesday 08 February 2005 - 22:12:57 by ghozt  
We are still recruiting!

Hey boys and girls, Sunday's are FSK405 recruitment day. If you are interested in joining FSK405, show up on the public gaming server, teamspeak, and/or IRc.

We are looking for a few good peeps that want to be a part of this family. So join up Sunday's and we will see you there.

Let us know you are interested and we will fill you in with more information, Sunday!
[Submitted by FSK405 Earl]

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new map cycle by FSK405Drape
Posted on Saturday 15 January 2005 - 23:04:52 by ghozt  
New map cycle as follows..

FSK405 would also appreciate your support by donating a little here an there to the server.


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Holiday Cheer
Posted on Friday 10 December 2004 - 01:33:47 by ghozt  
This is FSK405C coming atcha

I know in the holidays money is tighter than usual. That's true for the members of FSK405 just as it is for most everybody else in the community. That having been said I hope you guys can find it in your hearts, your wallets, your couch ... just a buck. Even if fifty of you sent in just one dollar that would help cover a good deal of our server costs through this tough month.

As a longtime member of the Urban Terror community I know people play on Christmas and other holidays too. The world doesn't just stop for any of us no matter how good or bad off we are. Bills continue to have to be paid. If we all come together in the true spirit of the holidays regardless of your faith or lack thereof we can help make this Christmas a better one.

The spirit of giving ... FSK405 works long and hard to bring you a great server and a great community site. We don't demand anything in exchange, generally, though donations are openly welcome. Please ... if you can ... give a hand out this holiday and help keep the best damn Urban Terror CTF server online.

Besides if you don't donate you won't get anything but a lump of coal.

Thanks to the Urban Terror Community,

[Submitted by FSK405C]

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New Mapcycle as of 10/21/04
Posted on Thursday 21 October 2004 - 20:05:20 by FSK405N  
Well it's been a while since we have had a new map cycle; so I decided I would give it a whirl. Here it is:

FSK405 Public FTP


Hope you all enjoy!


[Submitted by FSK405 Earl]

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Urban Terror Draft Day
Posted on Monday 04 October 2004 - 13:54:33 by ghozt  
Well, it's been a while since FSK hosted a draft day, several months in fact.

The last draft day went over extremely well for the first day, but people didn't want to show up for the remaining matches the following weekend. It ended up being more than a little frustrating for those involved with the admining of the matches, therefore, I'm thinking of starting the team picking on a Saturday followed by some matches that day. What we are not able to finish that Saturday we can finish the following day (Sunday).

There is currently a poll here:

please vote as future draft days depend on your opinion.

Some of you may not have been around when we hosted the last draft day, so, here's the blurb:

The UrT Draft day is a day when all players, of all skill levels, from all teams in every league, can get together and play as one. It doesn't matter if you're Johnny BadAss, or if you're Johnny's still get to play and have fun.

The way it works is like this: people interested in becoming captains of teams pm either FSK405|Short Tree or FSK405|HMinus1 in #UrT_Draft on ETG. You can also find us in many channels, especially the 1337 ones #FSK405, or #urbanterror... We are usually around to answer questions of all kinds.

After ST and myself sift through the captain applicants, we will choose them and set a day for the draft. We will post the draft day at the poll link above and in various irc channels like #fsk405, or, #speed (yes they are leet too). On that day, everyone who wants to play that weekend will show up in the morning to be picked for teams.

There is no favortism here, picking order is determined by drawing names from a hat, then picking is done round-robin. We will be posting more detailed rules in the upcoming days, but not to worry, this day is for fun. Maybe a little bragging rights to who can play the best as a team, nothing more...

So stay tuned...if you would like to help out with the logistics, contact Shorty or myself...all help is greatly appreciated as this is not a small undertaking.

Depending on how well the draft weekend goes, a full league may be implemented...we'll have to see.


[Submitted by HMinus1]

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