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  • My brother just found out he's being deployed to Afghanistan August 1st of this year. He's in Ft. Stewart Georgia, and he's supposed to be there for a year and a half. And we haven't seen him in a year =[

  • im sorry for your news hope its better in a year and a half good luck with that .hope he comes home safe and whole. Afghanistan is a scary place from all that i heard of it. i wouldn't go.... there is no princess to rescue or a dragon to vanquish lol no reason basically.

  • One more update 5 years after returning from baghdad. % Months after my return i found myself once again patrolling a city with a loaded weapon, this time the city was New Orleans, and quite frankly that creeped me out alot. The city was in worse shape then Baghdad and was but a ghost. It was after returning home from that they i decided to hang up my uniform and try to relax. I was orginally diagnosed with acute stess disorder which after 6 months was diagnosed as PTSD. On my dance with the VA it took me two years to go from 30% disabled to 100 % disabled to include 2 seperate trips to the Hosptital in Seattle for the 2 week in-patient PTSD clinic and one trip to the nut hut after telling my doctor the only reason I made his appointment was that the gun misfired. I've gained close to 100 pounds since my return and am working to fix that and I take enough of the right types of meds to feel almost normal. For those that talk to me on TS you might of heard that i have been playing UrT from bed mainly because I didn't have the energy or willingness to oget out of bed. Several things in the last few months have got me out and about and I'm starting to enjoy doing things again. First of all was the FSK405 and Friends BBQ got to meet a bunch of my supporters thought the years and I got on a plane for the first time since coming back from New Orleans. The other is I have visitors at the home and am reacting to the noise and crowding alot better then I thought i would. Maybe its a sign I'm getting better, still to scared to stop taking the meds just in case definitely do not want to go back to how I was before. Well heck even righting this has got me perked up and i plan on making my first Sunday Scrim in over a year from my desktop instead of my laptop, I'm gettin out of bed yahoo!!! Take care all and hopefully this will be my last post for a bit.

  • Wow!!! Bro I LOV U 2 wink
    On another note COME C us sometime.
    Glad to here u r doing better.

  • High five dgrunt! It's difficult to get anything from this government (unless you are an illegal alien).
    A guy I know was in Vietnam way back and one day while on patrol he came to a clearing. There was his best friend hanging from a tree and had been skun alive. He's suffered from the same sort of syndrome and still has to be periodically evaluated. When he get's to the doctor's office he yells "incoming" and dives under the desk. He still collects. There are many like you and him who deserve as much as you can get just to get by. You gave much for your country.
    Hope to see you Sunday night.

  • Dgrunt/DeSade,

    Though the soldier's world wasn't the way they portray it on recruiting posters, you put your ass on the line for me and mine, and all of us.

    I could do good things for the rest of my life, send money to starving children, volunteer for the homeless... but I'll never be able to say that I risked it all and put my ass on the line for all of us.

    Thank you.

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