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  • My 3cents:
    I see the scrim as a weekly get together to provide FSK and our friends a chance to play in a more competitive environment, while at the same time retaining a "cookout with friends" type of ease and enjoyability.

    Comparative: I was in a band, and had friends in bands. Our second guitar player lived with his girlfriend and her daughter, and they hosted a "fun with the bands Sunday" every week. We would begin with beer, cookout, and Volleyball. We would get two captains, pick teams, and run several games. Time and weather permitting, we might do this 2 or even 3 times. Those not wanting to play found other things to entertain, such as Playstation, giant water balloon launching, etc. Things would wind down a little, and the hardcore would play this cool homemade drinking game that was similar to the boardgame "Life." TONS of fun, and we did this for a few years, with various bands/people flowing in and out as they toured, lost interest, regained interest, etc. Point being, I see our FSK & Friends Sun Scrim as being the same idea.

    I have ideas as to how we might streamline things, and make every week more enjoyable. But, I doubt everyone would agree.

  • Yes a TS convo my be best for this discussion though here are a few talking points

    Some History:
    - FSK405 was competing in STA. Sundays Scrims were designed to help the STA team practice. paralleling the dissolution of the STA team, we had a slow time and were unable to field 12-14 FSK405 forcing us to look out side our clan to field a scrim.

    - A few of the non FSK405 players enjoyed the structure and continued to show up in hopes of being asked to play. We embraced this.

    - As time went on, more and more folks had a desire to play in a controlled match like setting. We were more than happy to facilitate the communities desires. As more folks joined we had to establish a rough outline of some basic rules to hold players accountable. the Rules we have in place today.

    About FSK405
    - FSK405 wouldn't be who we are without the communities support. Scrims, Superman, UrT Pub, Bc2 Server is just a few ways we can give back. We have always been a community willing to help out spreading out our knowledge and services to those that hunger for it. Though FSK405 is a team, we understand we are only as strong as the full community. We simply want to propel the community in anyway we can. ~ We believe allowing non FSK405 members to administrate the superman server along with participating in scrims and functions helps propel the growth the community. This is our ultimate goal, community growth through sharing. honestly we dont care who's sand box we are playing in as long as we are playing and folks are having fun.

    Exciting to see this growth has spawned an annual FSK405 and Friends BBQ that will quite possibly have over 70 participants. Mind you spouses and children.

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