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  • Anytime a there is a shot made by myself and or others I see a gray semi transparent box at the site of impact roughly half the size of a player, even if hit on my avatar. I did recently update window 10 to build 10.0.18363, and updated my Nvidia drivers for my Nvidia GTX970 to 452.06 when the issue manifested.

    Trouble shooting that I have done so far
    - Tried a new build of URT complete with a clean untouched config and autoexe
    - Installed a couple other Nvidia driver to include the previously working driver prior to the Windows update.

    Computer Specs
    - Windows 10 64 Pro
    - Intel Core I7 @ 3.70GHz
    - RAM 32GB Duel Core @ 1599
    - Graphix Nvidia GeForce GTX970

    My Thoughts
    - the latest Nvidia drivers installation, installed GeForce Experience that has a graphical overlay. I did uninstall it, restarted my comp, used a new UrT config and Autoexe, but the problem persisted. - This might have been a user error as I question if somehow the GeForce Experience may have not been completely uninstalled. The reason I mention this is, I am at a loss and in need of assistance

    If anyone has some thoughts regarding this anomaly, I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance.

    Not sure how to post a picture as most links are deemed unacceptable.
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