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  • Our forums and game server may look a little dead, but our Discord server is very active, and has been for many months. It's a mistake to think of it as just a replacement for TeamSpeak. It does the voice comms, but so much more. It has persistent text channels (which can also have graphics and video embedded), where conversations are going on almost daily. They're split up into channels like #general-noise, #politics, #techtalk, #sports, #groovy (music), and even a channel for a bot we have called #dank-memer, where you can play with a virtual pet or raise virtual money to buy weird stuff. Our server may even be too noisy. If so, just right-click and mute the channel(s) you're not interested in.

    You can stream basically any screen of your own, not only to let others see your game play, but for tech support, if you wanted. It's super easy. (I personally give free support to our clan members, and even a little to non-members, too.)

    There are at least 8 people that have Grand Theft Auto 5, and often 3-5 of them playing it almost every day. It may not be Urban Terror, or even free, but it's a definite sign of life. There's some PubG thing going on, too, whatever that is. wink

    There are free mobile clients for Discord, so you can even chat in the channels from your tablet/phone. I think you can even use it somewhat from the web without even installing anything, but you'll want the stand-alone client for best results.

    Without further ado, here's my server invite for anyone that's interested, not just clan members, anyone: FSK405 Discord

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