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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Urt & B3 Scrim! July 5th 2015
    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-
    July 5th 2015 8:00est
    Battle Rant By: DankRider Round 1: Abbey Facilitator: DankRider SUB: -none- Red Captain: Acetone Blue Captain: FSK405|R Red = 07 Blue = 09 Overview: With potential misinformation, DankRider advised the captains that red may have an advantage. Acetone took the bait selected red. Unfortunately red was never really able to gain traction. Blue was too shifty and kept the pressure on.
    Round 2: ut4_malibu_beta4 Facilitator: DankRider SUB: -none- Red Captain: Reflux Blue Captain: Pez - 1st time captain Red = 06 Blue =01 Overview: Never know whats going to happen on this map as there are routes that lead to nowhere and a lot of switchbacks. In the end Reflux took advantage of the rookie pez and demonstrated the power of the no stamina penalty
    Round 3: Druglord Facilitator: DankRider SUB: Sasquatch & DankRider Red Captain: Frog Blue Captain: Mello - 1st time captain Red = 12 Blue = 02 Overview: Score says everything
    Excellent Scrim again this week!!! Thanks to all who showed!!! 1
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    1436150077 791 FT0 Shot0077

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