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    2015 Recap


    First off, I want to thank all of those who chose to brave the elements, a busy travel weekend, and other challenges to have with hang in Texas.

    As usual, it rained again. However, this was not your normal rain. Those attending were witness to some of the worst flooding in South Texas in the last 100 years. Just 5 miles from the BBQ, the Blanco and San Marcos River crested to record levels washing away homes, bridges, infrastructure and more importantly families. Several tornados were also spotted within 25 miles of the BBQ. Those who drove back that south direction from the BBQ can attest that there was true concern for their own safety. Thankfully everyone returned to their accommodations safely.



    Friday - Meet and Greet at Frog's Lilly pad: Unfortunately, due to business travel prior in the week and the need to prep for Saturday, I only managed about an hour at the Frogs. So I will defer to others to elaborate the details of the evening. But the hour I was there was absolutely enjoyable. I had a couple of wonderful homebrews courtesy of the Idaho Prepper and killer Fajitas provided by the gracious host and hostess. As much as I wanted to stay later, 4 am comes early, so i grabbed Littlefoot and KickButt and headed back to Kyle TX for an early night of sleep. Needless to say based on the stories the following day, things were really hopping at the Frog Family Lillypad!!

    Saturday - The BBQ at Buzz's: Yes, 4am sucks!! we got the fires stoked on 3 separate smokers, each burning a different combination of woods, consisting of apple and pecan, hickory and a little oak, and one with pure mesquite. Meats included Brisket, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, Boudin Sausage, chicken, and pork Sausage. Folks started showing up around noon. Folks hung out under the tents till the bad weather looked eminent. Everyone moved to the cover and inside while the storms rolled in. A group of folks helped to pull the canvas's off of the tents. Food was served inside, a special shout out to Littlefoot's marinated ribs and the Burns Family's (Buzz's friends) tres leches cake. They were the dishes that garnered the most complements. Rain continued off and on but for the most part folks were able to stay out on the deck and even throw a game of washers or two. As the evening moved to 9pm, severe weather was eminent. This was the time for those that had long drives south to head home. I understant there were some very scary moments for those heading home. Thankfully everyone made it home safely.

    Sunday - Lake Day (Not!!! Yup Buzz's part 2): Due to the catastrophic flooding, Canyon Lake Park was closed. So the party resumed at Buzz's house. Brisket BBQ Sloppy Joes, Pork Ribs, Boudin Sausage and Snake Eggs (Jalapeño, Cream Cheese and Sausage wrapped in bacon) and other things made the menu. This was the time everyone shared their harrowing driving experience and relax. As usual Yeti and Frog dominated the washer boards after suffering a crushing defeat the day before and the hands of buzz and Marcus. It was a great relaxation which ended in the sacrifice of Reflux


    Special Shout outs:

    XP - For Bringing 100 pound of Louisiana goodness (Smoked Boudin and Tasso for the beans). Not only that he picked up Rage in Louisiana and sprung for the accommodations for folks that needed them.

    Sash - For providing transportation (Dallas to Austin and back) and providing accommodations for folks that needed to fly into and out of the Dallas area. Also through a heck of a LAN party on Monday.

    Frog and Liz - For putting together a great friday night

    Yeti - For providing accommodations the night before driving to Dallas and making the snake eggs.

    Yoda - For taking picture along the way

    KickButt and XP - for assisting in Setup and breakdown

    Mrs. Buzz - For putting up with my shit.

    Again a huge thank you to everyone for putting in the effort to make this one of the best BBQs ever despite all the weather challenges. I hope to see new faces again next year!!!


    Thank you everyone!!
  • Sasquatch

    6 years ago

    Great post, I would like to mention those ( KB, Pandi, Cole and Reflux crew - Reflux, Ann, Danielle and Rachele ) that went to sash house were treated to some Tex mex and margaritas at one of my favorite restaurants. Then some time in the hot tub and pool before the LAN party
  • Sasquatch

    6 years ago

    Some Pictures from the LAN Party

    1432813037 658 FT72439 10501796 10206693735199340 6379687359023351395 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11147884 10206693733239291 6373340474836014219 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11168394 10206693734199315 6801918045549775418 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11231154 10206693732359269 8008442691110541377 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11267991 10206693733439296 6939152482707742168 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11329959 10206693734759329 2512164568298454339 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11350499 10206693733839306 1143498830899104797 N

    1432813037 658 FT72439 11109215 10205977798751571 7425235624832665695 N

  • Someone's gatta put names on the pics! You all make me jealous frown
  • Sasquatch

    6 years ago


    Back Row left to right
    Littlefoot, Buzzkill, Thirsty, Rachel (Reflux Daughter #2 ), Sasquatch, ShoomsLegend and wife, Violence, Reflux, Pandi, Ulfa Rage

    Front Row left to right
    Yoda, KickButts, Cole (Sasquatch grandson), Yeti, Danielle (Reflux Daughter #1), Ann (Reflux squeeze), XP, Alpha Mello

    On the floor
    Frog and daughter.

    I heard that Thirsty won the card game 'Cards against Humanity' at frogs.

    Oh, and one other 'noteworthy' (literally) event was that we all got schooled on how to play the guitar by Chuck aka Shrooms-Legend .

    Relentless and family were missing in action.

  • Wicked awesome fun all weekend long!!! I love cooking, but I think Mrs. Buzz is right about needing to scale back the portions. As usual, we had waaaay too many leftovers...next year either we need more participants, or I need to leave my smoker at home cheesey, just kidding, my smoker may have found a permanent home at Buzz's house if his back yard doesn't dry up soon. Seriously though, with very few exceptions, there is no excuse for people NOT coming to this event! And what happened to R???? OMG, I spent, like, half a mint on premium cigars thinking you were going to be there to help me smoke 'em...you were very much missed R!!!! Jason, I know you had a family event to attend so I won't harp on you too much, but my knife isn't nearly as sharp as yours, and while "you don't need teef to eat my beef", and I needed you to slice things up in your usual manner wink Cougar, I know you made some last minute attempts, maybe put the funds from this year away, save them for next year and add to them for sleeping accommodations...just sayin', it wasn't the same without you. Wily Duck...no one has heard from you that I'm aware of...you are missed all around! And how about Dgrunt? The weather was perfect for you all weekend!!! The temperature stayed in the low to mid 80's, even the rain would have made you feel right at home cheesey

    And then there are the ones who have never made it but talk about it...I think Thirsty, Ulfa Rage, and Pandora should be a shining example to all of you! They all braved into the unknown, challenged their own comfort zones, endured, overcame, and had the time of their lives...bravo and kudos to you!!! We very much enjoyed your company and your presence and I for one expect to see you again at all future BBQ events!

    So, here it is, almost a week since things wrapped up and I'm still trying to recover. I've got another load of stuff I need to pick up from Buzz's, not to mention bringing my smoker home...but I don't think the smoker is coming home anytime soon. The weekend is such an emotional high for me that it takes a while to recover from the low that follows...I just miss you all so much, I wish we could do this every weekend!!!

  • The unedited group photo. Can't hide from the spoon.

    1433209356 791 FT72182 Spoon

  • ROFL the spoon is above Reflux's head - well placed my friend! Well placed.
  • Sasquatch

    6 years ago

    i dont know xp , looks to me like it is over yours .. smile

  • Lol SPOON.....EPIC!!

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