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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! April 5, 2015

    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-

    April 5, 2015 20:00 Eastern

    Battle Rant By: fu daddy

    Round 1: city6
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    Red Captain: Relentless - 17
    Blue Captain: Rage - 21

    Such a fun fast paced round. Red seemed to be coming back late in the round but blue took the red flag and basically hid with it. Even when red returned their flag they kept it hidden and won the round. Excellent job.

    Round 2: Ambush
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    Red Captain: fu daddy - 0
    Blue Captain: Frog - 7

    Red never really stood a chance with this one. Blue had then outgunned and outmanned the whole round and it showed.

    Round 3:
    Facilitator: DankRider
    SUB: Frog DankRider Dgrunt
    Red Captain: -4
    Blue Captain: - 1

    Excellent scrim again this week!


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