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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Urt & B3 Scrim! May 13th, 2012
    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-
    Oct 12th, 2014 8:00est
    Battle Rant By: DankRider
    Scrim Settings: (Settings per FSK405 Member Discussions)
    • FSK405 members have the right to ask minors to sit out.
    • Server Password changed.
    • FSK405 members are allowed to Spectate if teams are even and a match is in progress.
    • Balanced Teams Required unless the captains choose otherwise. If there are an uneven number of available players the facilitator will ask for a volunteer to Substitute. If no player volunteers, the captains will select a player. Substitutes will be logged to insure no one is a consistent SUB. (NOTE: SUB's can be a valued asset to a team being the eyes, ears, and voice of the team dont view it as a punishment.)
    • All above settings can be modified per captains approval.
    • TS3Players will NOT move themselves to the "Staging -LOCKED-" channel; Please allow the Facilitator(s) to move you.
    • Role will be called prior to each round, and players will be moved to Staging -LOCKED- channel by a Facilitator upon player confirmation.
    • Once players have been moved to the "Staging-LOCKED-" channel, all (confirmed) eligible players are locked in. If teams are uneven, FSK405 members have fist dibs.
    • Captains have ~10 minutes for strats; if more time is required, please inform a Facilitator
    • All players must have a *proper* connection
    Pre-rant: Small turnout this week, but some great 6v6 games. Teams were picked splendidly. Lost of flag standoffs. Round 1: Sarlat Facilitator: DankRider SUB: DankRider Red Captain: Thirsty Blue Captain: R Red = 04 Blue = 06 Overview: We fought round by both teams. Although there was a 2 point spread this round could have gone either way. With a couple adjustments Team Blue built momentum and ran it in for the win
    Round 2: Desolate Facilitator: DankRider SUB: -none- Red Captain: Frog Blue Captain: Pandora Red = 12 Blue =05 Overview: As the facilitator I attempted to adjust teams for they appeared to be skill shifted but the captains wanted to stick to their choices. The score says it all, Blue never stood a chance.
    Round 3: Cemetery666 Facilitator: Everyone crowd sourced SUB: -none- Red Captain: NON FSK405 Blue Captain: FSK405 Red = 29 Blue = 23 Overview: Could have called this one prior to kick off. Of course FSK405 got pwnt. I blame it on myself for I was focusing on getting on the other teams roof/spawn camp. My focus should have been on the flag
    Excellent Scrim again this week!!! Thanks to all who showed!!! 1
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  • First time in a long time, but I hope to play more. Felt rusty. I'm long overdue for a new PC, but in no rush. Still trying to tweak my cfg to where I like it. Well, those are my excuses.

  • hahahahaha

  • Good games! See ya next week. Thanks for facilitating Danko!

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