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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Urt & B3 Scrim! June 22, 2014

    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-

    June 22nd, 2014 8:00est

    Battle Rant By: fu daddy

    Round 1: desolate
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    SUB: sam-medic/pooty
    Red Captain: Trancer
    Blue Captain: FSK405|R
    Red = 5
    Blue = 2

    For the life of me I can't remember this map. WTF. Don't know what is wrong with me.

    Round 2: CASA
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    SUB: -none-
    Red Captain: Frog
    Blue Captain: Pockets
    Red = 3
    Blue =2

    A very even round that saw blue score in the opening minutes, seemingly catching red by surprise up the middle. Red fought back though, bringing one home in the middle of the round. The upper service was a constant battleground between myself/R and Reflux/String. I think String and I shot at each other from behind those beams 10 different times. The match was just about to go into overtime when red brought one home upper service.

    Round 3: Deception
    Facilitator:fu daddy
    SUB: -none-
    Red Captain: Dankrider
    Blue Captain: Reflux
    Red = 4
    Blue = 3

    Pooty was a one man wrecking crew for red on this one as he brought back (I think) each of red's caps. However, in the early going, it looked like it was blue's map to lose as they went up by 2 caps by holding the right side and getting to red's flag relatively easily. Red then took over the middle and hill areas, pushing blue back causing them to switch a few routes. The map went into overtime which is when Pooty stole the flag, shot me in the head (bastard!) and took it home.

    Excellent Scrim again this week!!!
    Thanks to all who showed!!!

    1403695795 343 FT0 Round 1

    1403695795 343 FT0 Round 2

    1403695795 343 FT0 Round 3

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