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  • -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-

    July 14, 2013 8:00est

    Battle Rant By: fu daddy

    Scrim Settings: (Settings per FSK405 Member Discussions)

    FSK405 members have the right to ask minors to sit out.
    Server Password changed.
    FSK405 members are allowed to Spectate if teams are even and a match is in progress.
    Balanced Teams Required unless the captains choose otherwise. If there are an uneven number of available players the facilitator will ask for a volunteer to Substitute. If no player volunteers, the captains will select a player. Substitutes will be logged to insure no one is a consistent SUB.
    (NOTE: SUB's can be a valued asset to a team being the eyes, ears, and voice of the team dont view it as a punishment.)
    All above settings can be modified per captains approval.
    TS3Players will NOT move themselves to the "Staging -LOCKED-" channel; Please allow the Facilitator(s) to move you.
    Role will be called prior to each round, and players will be moved to Staging -LOCKED- channel by a Facilitator upon player confirmation.
    Once players have been moved to the "Staging-LOCKED-" channel, all (confirmed) eligible players are locked in. If teams are uneven, FSK405 members have first dibs.
    Captains have ~10 minutes for strats; if more time is required, please inform a Facilitator
    All players must have a *proper* connection
    The facilitator holds the right to create teams if captains cannot be produced in a timely fashion.

    Round 1: ut4_tombs_orig
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    SUB: 1 sub for red - Acetone and Dankrider
    Red Captain: Acetone
    Blue Captain: KittyWumpus
    Red = 0
    Blue = 1

    A long an epic match. Even though it lasted 70 minutes, I don't think anyone minded as there were a lot of good firefights and strategizing going on. Blue had the slight advantage throughout the round, getting closer to red's flag on numerous occasions. Red might have had the best chances though as Civil took the flag 2-3 times, making it back to red side once, only to have a sly beaver blow him up. Blue's strategy of taking the hill outside of red's middle stairs was mostly effective, being able to shoot red in the back. They also tried to take the pillers above red's spawn, but only worked to a lesser extent. After raising the respawn time several times (I think it ended up at about 25 seconds), blue pulled it out. Great round

    Round 2: ut4_abbeyctf
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    Red Captain: Keeper
    Blue Captain: Pockets
    Red = 2
    Blue = 7

    Blue basically overran red at will here. Several times red was backed up into their spawn. Blue took red's stairs coming out of spawn and mostly owned the middle building. Nothing seemed to work for red, no matter what they did.

    Good rounds everyone! Come back next week for more action!

    1374060270 343 FT0 Round 1


  • holy crap.

  • The sly beaver was serving beer. Problem is, she gots all excited at seeing the FC and shakes it all up.

    The cap was hilarious. I told everybody to kill the FC and hurry the cap up, but it would have been pointless since nobody had any stamina left. Squrt, waiting with uncontrollable anticipation, tagged RedScull right as he would have capped and everybody thought he got ambushed until we heard the flag cap sound and Squrt laughing like a mad scientist.

    There was a lot of applause for the long round. It seemed nobody was willing to lay down and give up the win in order to get the map over. I, for one, enjoyed the long match. Stamina, stamina, stamina.

    Round two was good. We succeeded because early smoke usage gave us 6 quick caps. Once red got smart and took out their tac gogles, it re-leveled the playing field, limiting caps to one each for the rest of the match.


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