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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! April 21, 2013

    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-

    April 21, 2013 8:00est

    Battle Rant By: fu daddy

    Scrim Settings: (Settings per FSK405 Member Discussions)

    FSK405 members have the right to ask minors to sit out.
    Server Password changed.
    FSK405 members are allowed to Spectate if teams are even and a match is in progress.
    Balanced Teams Required unless the captains choose otherwise. If there are an uneven number of available players the facilitator will ask for a volunteer to Substitute. If no player volunteers, the captains will select a player. Substitutes will be logged to insure no one is a consistent SUB.
    (NOTE: SUB's can be a valued asset to a team being the eyes, ears, and voice of the team dont view it as a punishment.)
    All above settings can be modified per captains approval.
    TS3Players will NOT move themselves to the "Staging -LOCKED-" channel; Please allow the Facilitator(s) to move you.
    Role will be called prior to each round, and players will be moved to Staging -LOCKED- channel by a Facilitator upon player confirmation.
    Once players have been moved to the "Staging-LOCKED-" channel, all (confirmed) eligible players are locked in. If teams are uneven, FSK405 members have first dibs.
    Captains have ~10 minutes for strats; if more time is required, please inform a Facilitator
    All players must have a *proper* connection

    Round 1: Afterhours
    Facilitator: Frog
    SUB: -none-
    Red Captain: fu daddy
    Blue Captain: Trancer
    Red = 0
    Blue = 1

    OK, not the best map for this many people. Blue absolutely owned the main route through the middle, putting three snipers there. They really took care of us trying to get to the flag that way. Even though red go to blue's flag a few times, we couldn't pull one out. Blue snuck in through theater and grabbed red's flag when we were all dead for the only cap.

    Round 2: Asylum
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    Red Captain: Nikki
    Blue Captain: Frog
    Red = 1
    Blue = 0

    We haven't played this one for a while, which is a shock. Blue just couldn't seem to find any momentum in this round. Red used a stealthy Json to take the windows. I swear his knife and nades found my head too many times. Dankrider patrolled the theater. Dolt took care of things lower middle. Blue grabbed a few times, but couldn't get it past the midway point. Red then packed it in the final few minutes for the win.

    Round 3: Herring
    Facilitator: fu daddy
    Red Captain:Dankrider
    Blue Captain: Tanq
    Red = 7
    Blue = 2

    This was actually a pretty fun round. Red outshot blue mostly, but since the map was so fast, and the flags hard to get out, the score didn't show it as much. Dank and Trancer took care of the flag running for red. Nothing much else to say. Fun round.

    Shout out to Wily Duck for joining us tonight!

    Good rounds everyone! Come back next week for more action!

    1366716752 343 FT0 Round 1

    1366716752 343 FT0 Round 2

    1366716752 343 FT0 Round 3

  • This was my first Sunday Night Scrim. Had a blast. Plan to attend more in the future.

  • Thanks for the help in setting up the first round Frog!

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