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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! January 20th, 2013
    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-
    January 20th, 2013 8:00est
    Battle Rant By: risk
    Scrim Settings: (Settings per FSK405 Member Discussions)
    • FSK405 members have the right to ask minors to sit out.
    • Server Password changed.
    • FSK405 members are allowed to Spectate if teams are even and a match is in progress.
    • Balanced Teams Required unless the captains choose otherwise. If there are an uneven number of available players the facilitator will ask for a volunteer to Substitute. If no player volunteers, the captains will select a player. Substitutes will be logged to insure no one is a consistent SUB. (NOTE: SUB's can be a valued asset to a team being the eyes, ears, and voice of the team dont view it as a punishment.)
    • All above settings can be modified per captains approval.
    • TS3Players will NOT move themselves to the "Staging -LOCKED-" channel; Please allow the Facilitator(s) to move you.
    • Role will be called prior to each round, and players will be moved to Staging -LOCKED- channel by a Facilitator upon player confirmation.
    • Once players have been moved to the "Staging-LOCKED-" channel, all (confirmed) eligible players are locked in. If teams are uneven, FSK405 members have first dibs.
    • Captains have ~10 minutes for strats; if more time is required, please inform a Facilitator
    • All players must have a *proper* connection
    Pre-rant: The big move to 4.2 is pretty much done. Thanks to all those who helped players get the new version configured. It was a rollercoaster of an evening, but definitely ended on a high note. Awesome turnout tonight with some faces we haven’t seen in a while. Come on back for more! Round 1: Riyadh Facilitator: risk SUB: -none- Red Captain: AceTone Blue Captain: Reflux Red = 02 Blue = 01 To decide first pick, the captains were to choose a number between 500 and 750. Of course they both guessed 666 – did they think I was so predictable? As that was NOT the number I told them to go High/Low from there to decide. Reflux went low and lost. AceTone began vexing Reflux right away, starting by picking his arch-nemesis fudaddy to be on his team. The vexing continued as team Red put up two caps in the first half of the match. Most of the map turned into a designated smoking area, and the sound of silenced G36’s was constant. Red sat on their lead for the rest of the game, when Blue put up literally a last minute cap. Blue was set to steamroll another capture and tie it up, but needed 30-45 more seconds to do it. Time ran out on an excellent round.
    Round 2: Laneway Facilitator: risk SUB: -none- Red Captain: Spider Blue Captain: Frog Red = 00 Blue =15 Well, I guess this kind of thing can just happen. Teams look good on paper, but not on the field. Welcome back Spider and way to go for stepping up to captain, at least for a while. What to say about this round. Lots of grenades, a good bit of cursing, some smoke, and a dash of ragequit. Let’s leave this one in the history books. Next.
    Round 3: Oil Depot Facilitator: risk SUB: -none- Red Captain: Tanq Blue Captain: fudaddy Red = 00 Blue = 01 Overview: Round three played like an epic soccer match, with much more action than the score might indicate. Blue had a chance for an early cap when Json ran an effective smoky spawncamp, but couldn’t capitalize. Again tonight was lots of smoke and G36’s. Not long into overtime, Blue commanded the middle and the high ground and was able to safely escort their flagrunner to victory. Great match by all players, and definitely the game of the week.
    Fantastic Scrim this week!!! Thanks to all who showed!!! Please reply and tell us YOUR battle rant!!! 1
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  • Re: Riyadh
    Sitting on red flag waiting for the cap to complete, I grabbed and shot out the front door, immediately greeted by a headshot from the Dank. I had plenty of time to make the run, but not enough time to play my normal Reflux shenanigans. Dank appeared from the left, out of nowhere. It was like an invisible force field on the front door just waiting for me to breach the gates. Attempt to tie: FAIL

    Re: Laneway
    Epic - fu-daddy was pleading with us to let red forfeit. Somebody piped up, "Play until they all quit." Json replies, "Let's see who doesn't quit, who sticks out." We eventually went knives and pistols just to end the round with taste, but it was obvious that red had already conceded. Kudos to those that stuck it out. I've been on the receiving end of that countless times. One of my favorite scrim memories: Druglord - Airstrip. It wasn't even halftime and all of us just began jumping into the chopper blades. Dank had been sniping our spawn from red warehouse. I think it became a challenge for him, to see if he could snipe the player before they could reach the chopper blades.

    Re: Oil de pot
    Upon seeing the teams, I immediately poked fu-daddy, "Don't so this. Not like this. Not like this." Not saying Tanq didn't do a great job picking players, but Fu, Ace, Json, Frog, Squrl, Yeti (hax), & Kitty are all experienced Oil Depot players. So were some of ours, just saying... Good guns with good runners. Dank and I knew for certain what the blue strats were gonna look like and helped Tanq set up some counter strats. The round went very well. I ate the spoon by making suicide runs for the blue flag over killing enemies. Good job Json for the winning cap. Great cover by your team secured the win.


  • lol red team name "Id rather play laneway" yall are funny

  • Reflux, are you saying that my strats for OilDepot sucked? I think you are. Next time, we are bypassing the flag and just spawn camping. All day. That's right!

    Good job on those suicide runs too. Each one ended in a suicide, you were perfect! =]

    Great fun as always.

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