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  • Round 1 - Tanq (red) vs Squrl (blue), ut_berch

    Ouch, Tanq's teams barely touched the flag on this one as Squrl's team kept running low towards the waterfall and then moving middle, effectively shutting off Tanq's team's ability to push mid with any consistency. Keeper capped several times running through the bar area. Acetone also caused fits hiding in the middle area waiting for red to run out into the open. Final score, Blue 6, Red 0.

    Round 2 - Frog (blue) vs Pockets (red), ut4_sliema

    There was a feeling that teams were a little unbalanced before the map, however, at the very least, red put a good fight. In fact, they capped first with Boogie and Blacksix running unchecked through the archways. It stayed this way for several minutes until Keeper finally (you can't cap faster Keeper?) brought one home. It was tied 2-2 for the longest time until blue finally managed 3 late backtobacktoback caps, making the final score 5-2.

    Round 3? Screenshots to come!

    Excellent turnout this week! We had 18 players for both rounds 1 and 2.

    Also, try to update to 4.2 as we'll be using this for coming weeks (but not before everyone gets it!)

  • I played in the scrim &urt for that matter in about 2 or 3 yrs at least, good time. I was on the left side of the 1st map, I kept running into dank, needless to say I got owned, I hate you dank ,jk lol, never even saw you. My point being my first impression was that blue has a advantage just by being the color blue. I know that has probably been hashed out in the past but it was really hard to see blue for me, jail house orange stood out though. But then again it was the 1st time I had played in a looooong time, I will try and get in a little pub time before the next time. Good time was had, thanks.

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