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  • FSK405 and Friends UrT Sunday Scrim

    Facilitator: fu daddy, with the help of Reflux, Nikki, and Dankrider

    Round 1: fu daddy (blue) vs Acetone (red), Map: Cemetary666

    Poor Acetone. He even named his team something about lowering my average. Yet, his captaining skills weren't quite up to par, at least for this round. Red kept trying to get on the roofs, and blue kept mowing them down. Blue jumped out to an early large advantage thanks to some quick reflux and kitty caps. Mr. Hankey helped out and XP used his leet night vision skills (I think). I got into spawn a couple of times. Frog did get on our balcony a few times, which helped red narrow the gap mid way through, but blue ended on a flourish.

    Round 2: Frog vs Nikki (poop, no screenshot, someone please add if possible)
    Map: crazychristmas (tis the season!)

    I was on Nikki's team, all I can remember. We saw a lot of XP's bullets, mostly sniper bullets, and he seemed to take us out one by one. Could never find the bastard either. Frog and Dank kept running the flag (both flags). I think Nikki's team was just a little dizzy by the end. Frog beat Nikki this round by about 10.

    Round 3: fu daddy (blue) vs Dankrider (red), Map: badbox

    Ah, what a wonderful round. This map brought team blue an early Christmas present with a complete whitewashing of a team with not just Dankrider, but Frog on it! I don't even think red touched the blue flag. The spawn camping by blue was nothing short of awesome. This was one for the record books. Blue annihilated red, 24-0.

    Until next time!



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