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  • FSK405 & Friends Sunday Urt & B3 Scrim! September 30th, 2012
    -= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-
    September 30th, 2012 8:00est
    Battle Rant By: risk
    Scrim Settings: (Settings per FSK405 Member Discussions)
    • FSK405 members have the right to ask minors to sit out.
    • Server Password changed.
    • FSK405 members are allowed to Spectate if teams are even and a match is in progress.
    • Balanced Teams Required unless the captains choose otherwise. If there are an uneven number of available players the facilitator will ask for a volunteer to Substitute. If no player volunteers, the captains will select a player. Substitutes will be logged to insure no one is a consistent SUB. (NOTE: SUB's can be a valued asset to a team being the eyes, ears, and voice of the team dont view it as a punishment.)
    • All above settings can be modified per captains approval.
    • TS3Players will NOT move themselves to the "Staging -LOCKED-" channel; Please allow the Facilitator(s) to move you.
    • Role will be called prior to each round, and players will be moved to Staging -LOCKED- channel by a Facilitator upon player confirmation.
    • Once players have been moved to the "Staging-LOCKED-" channel, all (confirmed) eligible players are locked in. If teams are uneven, FSK405 members have first dibs.
    • Captains have ~10 minutes for strats; if more time is required, please inform a Facilitator
    • All players must have a *proper* connection
    Pre-rant: Night of the Seldom-if-ever-Played Large Map. The action started off with big Berchtesgaden, and it amazingly was the smallest of the three. Round two went extra-large and underground with SubTerra. Then we super-sized the Sunday scrim with a match play beta test of Katooine, the latest new-and-in-progress map by our own KittyWumpus - a battlefield that can fit both previous maps and then some… Round 1: Berchtesgaden Facilitator: risk SUB: -hawk- Red Captain: Sasquatch Blue Captain: fudaddy Red = 00 Blue = 03 Overview: Big, big Berchtesgaden. So many routes that interconnect, so many overhangs and hidey-holes, so many plausible excuses. The match started with Blue spawning right on top of Red flag, and they never lost momentum. Sasquatch nearly capped early at about two minutes in, but that was the last bright spot for Red. Blue owned their courtyard and all the high ground near Red flag, and smoked more than a sailor on shore leave. My connection went to hell when I got bombarded with Facebook notifications about Justin Beiber’s new video, and once it was done downloading it was just that clip of him vomiting on stage. Ewwww. Solid performance by Blue, semi-solid to liquid for Red.
    Round 2: SubTerra Facilitator: fudaddy SUB: -none- Red Captain: Frog Blue Captain: risk Red = 08 Blue =00 Overview: The bad blood gets worse. Frog lays the smack down with a no-mercy shutout. Fudaddy takes the reins as facilitator so that risk can try to carve another frog leg, but the amphibian prevails. Here is where strategy makes a difference. Some maps are conducive to pub style play, and others apparently are not. Risk took a chance on the anti-strategy strategy, but got no reward. Sorry Blue, it was a dumb experiment and you were very brave guinea pigs. As for the slimy, no-lipped, butt hopping puddle dweller – next time buddy. Next time….
    Round 3: Katooine (alpha ver. 7b) Facilitator: risk SUB: -6th|Kaleb- Red Captain: AceTone Blue Captain: Whit3Rhino Red = 00 Blue = 01 Overview: Thanks to KittyWumpus for a special sneak preview of her new map Katooine, a huge Star Wars themed playground that is sure to become an Urban Terror favorite. This overtime, one-cap match had plenty of action and back and forth, despite the low score. The size of Katooine demands coordinated teamwork, as even the best sprint jumpers will become winded well before mid-map. No five second Algiers caps here. The steep elevation changes vexed some players with broken ankles – there were so many medic calls outside of spawn that it sounded like a bizarre episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Tanq owned the center with some snazzy sniping, and Blue was able to follow up on a failed flag run with another quick grab, with lots of support along the entire route. Hopefully this match test will help Kitty with the development of this map, I can’t wait to see where she takes it from here!
    Excellent Scrim again this week!!! Thanks to all who showed!!! Make sure to post YOUR battle rant!!! 1
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    1349119545 1745 FT0 Shot0071

    1349119545 1745 FT0 Shot0073

  • My sincerest apologies to red team on Katooine for the misinformation at the end...all I knew was our flag was out, but I didn't realize it was right there next to the flag spawn. I look forward to another test of this map, and I'll try to keep my mouth shut when I don't know what's going on!!!


  • The littlefoot saga!

    He went Tunnel

    Yes Tunnel

    No Left? Tunnel?

    Wait he's ahh

    Oh Sh!t he's capping

    Was a lot of fun good times. Fact of the matter team read was over it after 45 minutes


  • Excellent Battle Rant Risk! And great facilitating too!

    Katooine has the promise of being a SPECTACULAR and wildly successful map - what a round! No worries there Littlefoot - sh!t happens!

    Round 1 was tough what with Blue spawning all up in Red's grill. That was hard to overcome. Red had a shot at a cap towards the end when Sasquash dropped the flag on to me in the bar. Not sure how many drinks Boogie had in that bar, but he thought HE had the flag - LOL! smile Here's that screenshot:

    Round 2 was another spawn camp fest. You'll get him next time Risk!

    Round 3 was well, round 3 cheesey. Good game White Rhino. I'm seeking revenge on you, so lookout! Heh.

    Thanks for another excellent scrim FSK and friends! Cya in 2 weeks!


  • I was sure I had it! I ran all the way back to our spawn before I realized that I didn't. Someone picked my pocket.

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