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  • Sasquatch

    8 years ago

    Ill start off by thanking Earl and Starman for stepping up to be captains. And I didn't even have to ask twice smile . When we started out picking teams it was 6 on 6, once the teams were picked others were arriving with an interest to play. One of the players that was on the server was FSK405|Karib but he wasn't on team speak. I was about to lock down the server and kick everyone that was not on team speak and thought whoa. that's Karib. I don't know if he even realized he was in the scrim but we let him play. He did have his [FSK] tag on though which was good to see.

    As I was facilitating it was a little hectic for me trying to move people to the right team and set up the game-play. So during the warmup round I had asked the attackers to not set the objective but like the herd of cats we all are... why bother wink

    In any-case we were about ready on our team anyway so we went live. hmm my whisper must not have been working because I don't think the other team knew. It didn't matter though they had the skills to keep us to the first set of objectives we didn't make it any further than that. I did manager to set and destroy one of the objectives in the second level but we ran out of tickets soon after. They won this round.


    They won this one too as attackers. I personally did better than my last game but as a team I think they rolled us. nuf said.


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  • Sasquatch

    8 years ago

    FSK405|Karib sighting in our scrim last night smile

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