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  • No time left, blue has our flag. Not sure where it's at. I leap over the edge of the military building falling and scanning like the old aeon flux cartoons. This is going to be game point if they cap. Two moving specs on the ground, I spot them in time to take a guess at their movement pattern - has to be the FC.

    I hit the arrow and go back skyward. Back at the hotel one lands by the raised chimney, the other cuts around and grabs a ledge. At this point I'm not even thinking about how to land somewhere soft, just tracing their movement in my crosshairs. Someone frags the FC, flag falls. I'm falling. The second blue grabs up the flag, breaks left and makes a dash to their flag only feet away. My timing was dead on, could have been no better, for my GOOMBA STOMP put his head into the cement tile! The red flag returns! I'm alive! Grab their flag and leap off the hotel roof back to bounce out diagonally onto the highway to hide.

    It was the flag save I've always hoped for. And no one had a demo going. Shame. cheesey

  • gratz wily, those are the moments we play for. Those last second ridiculous returns keep us FCs paranoid, but never enough if you on the server!

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