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4 hours ago
it okay, thirsty was there

Binge and Grab
1 day ago
sorry i missed the scrim tonight, was exhausted and passed out :<

Binge and Grab
5 days ago
request for dark theme for this homepage

6 days ago
i agree with da danksta!

6 days ago
AceTone, come back!! at least for a Sunday Funday, or maybe a FragN Friday! special

1 week ago
Excellent work, technical super geniuses. I'd be rich if I had a few bucks everytime a PHP upgrade hosed over a web/app site.

1 week ago
Looking Good FSK! tongue Someone let Boogie know I can't send PMs anymore but I tried!

1 week ago
test. shades

2 weeks ago
howdee and welcome. Got teamspeak? Grab a headset and join up.

2 weeks ago
sup guys

Latest Posts
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by fu daddy 1 week ago
    FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! September 10, 2017-= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-September 10, 2017 20:00 EasternBattl...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 2 weeks ago
    I am positive the last round ended with XP - 6 and Mushroom - 0. Hence third screen shot.
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by SAM-Medic 2 weeks ago
    You F-ers go together like diesel and jet fuel!
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Reflux 2 weeks ago
    Fu-daddy and Flux R teh un-losePooty n Pockets R teh un-winsggs
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by fu daddy 2 weeks ago
    FSK405 & Friends Sunday Scrim! Sept. 3, 2017-= FSK405 Sunday Night Scrim =-Sept. 3, 2017 20:00 EasternBattle Rant By:...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 3 weeks ago
    Very good Sam! I just hope you stocked up...Now is the time my company starts reaping the benefits of our hard work/l...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by SAM-Medic 3 weeks ago
    Just like diesel and jet fuel!
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 3 weeks ago
    A couple of winners! :) :)
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Sasquatch 3 weeks ago
    I guess that makes you a couple
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by SAM-Medic 3 weeks ago
    That is known as "Teh Un-Lose!" I'd like to point out that SAM-Medic was also in that club for the first time in a re...
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