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FSK405 LLC Donations


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Target: $ 80
Due Date: 09/30/2021

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  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  4 days ago

    Hiya Zim! Not much going on here. Just waiting for V5. Any day now...
    We still play UrT Friday and Sunday nights. Pop into the Discord channel and say hello.

  • zimzalabing
    zimzalabing  6 days ago

    Hello all , popping in to say hi and see how all are doing

  • thirsty
    thirsty  4 weeks ago

    reposting the discord link: https://discord.gg/pT9pMPDrKJ

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Big thanks to BM for the very generous June donation! cheesey

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Goodness... It's our 10th anniversary this month!

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Arkansas where SuperFly lived at the time.

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  2 months ago

    In what state is our LLC formed in?

  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  2 months ago

    You guys are just kids

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Hi Karib! Older than you...

  • Karib
    Karib  3 months ago

    Hey all, how old are ya all yet ? tongue I'm 51

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