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  • BatMann
    BatMann  1 week ago

    How you doin.....

  • Pez
    Pez  1 month ago


  • Boogie Knight
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Does our Canadian EH-Team still play?

  • nugjar
    nugjar  1 month ago

    Word up, G!

  • Furrylicious
    Furrylicious  1 month ago

    The site's looking pretty sweet.

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Hiya ghozt!

  • ghozt
    ghozt  2 months ago

    Hello Friends!! just thinking about you all!!

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Thanks to Boogie for the 10-spot!

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  4 months ago

    Join us Sunday at 8:00 EDT for the regular Sunday scrim! Jump on TS3 or find he FSK405 scrim server online.

  • Je'la'd
    Je'la'd  4 months ago

    Anyone alive in here? Just reachin out to old friends.... haven't played with most of you in forever.....

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