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  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  2 days ago

    Hi Earl !
    Am I still pre-approved???

  • [user avatar]
    FSK405 Earl  2 days ago

    What up peeps!

  • [user avatar]
    Tranc3r  3 weeks ago

    a lot of fun today, thank you for all the fun! smile

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    No Sunday Scrim. Some people evidently prioritize the Super Bowl over UT. Just doesn't seem right...

  • [user avatar]
    keeb  1 month ago

    lurking in TS if anyone wants to play. i have work later tho frown alien

  • [user avatar]
    keeb  1 month ago

    sunday funday still go down?

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Big thanks to our January donors:

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    They've been leap-frogged, too!

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    They've been Fokkered!

  • [user avatar]
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    It appears that my iP is blocked. Can't connect from home. Only from work or phone. Even my mini iPad can't connect from home. Who can help?



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Latest Posts

  • [user avatar]
    Posted by H8tank 1 day ago
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 4 days ago
    Shelter #1 seemed to be super awesome last year...we didn't have to fight the crowded line to get into the park! Soun...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 5 days ago
    Damn I hear Risk makes a mean Breakfast! I cancelled the house I had picked out. I think Mellow is working on a 5 bed...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by MC-Yoda 5 days ago
    ARG!! Reservation declined... no reason given. Did somebody else book it? Need more space for the sister-wiives.......
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by DankRider 5 days ago
    Wow Yoda, that place is amazing - Sleeps 24, you must have a lot of kids or sister wives
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by MC-Yoda 5 days ago
    k, going to reserve the Option B place on VRBO today unless there are any objections..https://www.vrbo.com/261240* K,...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by risk 6 days ago
    Sorry ladies and gentlemen for the extended absence, but I'm back with a vengeance. I have booked the flight, and my ...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by MC-Yoda 1 week ago
    ok, i can try to reserve it as soon as you cancel... unless you can email the owners asking to assist.
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 1 week ago
    I am sure it will be available as soon as I cancel it. It is actually a house (with pool and hot tub) literally down ...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by thirsty 1 week ago
    Oh, and yes, I'm considering going this year, and if I do, that cabin's availability plays a big role in my potential...

Welcome to the FSK405 community! Over 15 years strong!!

You already know that FSK405 hosts one seriously KickAss CTF server but what you might not know is that we also host maps and game files on our FTP server, a public TeamSpeak 3 server, Urban Terror servers, Superman Server, Jumps Server, BFBC2 Server, Support for UrbanTerror Releases & Patches mirrors, master server and DNS, . Likewise, our monthly server bill is hefty and we greatly appreciate any PayPal donations you can make! Click the paypal logo to the right to help keep the server running! Even $5 will help so don't be bashful.

UrT - The Battle Jump tournament

 DankRider   26 Oct : 01:42
Urbane Terror Jump Tournament Get your jump on and join now
- http://urban-zone.org/

New Riyadh 2

 Frog   06 Sep : 21:21
New Riyadh 2 - Very cool. Look at the skybox and edge of the playing areas!

New Algiers

 Frog   03 Aug : 05:33