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  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  1 day ago

    and now TS3 is running again. it heard me.

  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  1 day ago

    hi Dierth !
    Trancer, it appears to be down. I am unable to connect as well.

  • [user avatar]
    Tranc3r  1 day ago

    is it running?

  • [user avatar]
    Tranc3r  1 day ago

    hi, im getting error joining ts3

  • [user avatar]
    Dierth  1 day ago

    Happy 2018, FSK! heart

  • [user avatar]
    mushroom  1 week ago

    AceTone spotted on TS3 for 5 seconds. Come back AceTone !!!! Shall we play a game ?

    1/7/2018 MST
    "AceTone" connected to channel "AFK"
    "AceTone" disconnected (leaving)

  • [user avatar]
    Roberts  1 week ago

    Hey guys, Sorry I haven't been on in a while, y'know..Holidays and New Years and such.. I'll try to come by tonight for the Sunday scrim.

  • [user avatar]
    SG  2 weeks ago

    Happy new year to all FSK & friends.

  • [user avatar]
    DankRider  3 weeks ago

    Most likely no Sunday Funday, until 01/07/2017, as New Years falls on Sunday.

  • [user avatar]
    keeb  3 weeks ago

    Happy Holidays folks! i keep forgetting sunday funday. i actually can play a bit tonight. will lock in the server/TS info!



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  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Binge and Grab 3 weeks ago
    bit rot !
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by LadyWould* 1 month ago
    Oh no... that Auth Key thing sounds like a video card virus.I know a guy that had it happen, and he posted a pic tuto...
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    Posted by Reflux 1 month ago
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    Posted by Boogie Knight 1 month ago
    I always have used notepad or wordpad
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    Posted by Squrl 1 month ago
    OK so i just wont use the auth key for now. I am having trouble with opening my config, I could swear it used to open...
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    Posted by Explorateur 1 month ago
    I had to disable the auth key function here lately for me to be able to play some maps on our server. I would say log...
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UrT - The Battle Jump tournament

 DankRider   26 Oct : 01:42
Urbane Terror Jump Tournament Get your jump on and join now
- http://urban-zone.org/

New Riyadh 2

 Frog   06 Sep : 21:21
New Riyadh 2 - Very cool. Look at the skybox and edge of the playing areas!

New Algiers

 Frog   03 Aug : 05:33