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  • [user avatar]
    Boogie Knight  2 weeks ago

    Soon as i can git that suckah done installed and working right.

  • [user avatar]
    Reflux  1 month ago

    Boogie, The website had banned almost everybody. When you gonna stop in TS and say hi?

  • [user avatar]
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    OMG! I was able to get on from home!

  • [user avatar]
    Boogie Knight  1 month ago

    Couugar...That was really nice of you. They usually have it at Buzzkill's.

  • [user avatar]
    Furrylicious  1 month ago

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening!

  • [user avatar]
    Blown306Cougar  1 month ago

    just a heads up i booked a room for the BBQ

  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Pow Low? Thanks for the 20!

  • [user avatar]
    russa  1 month ago


  • [user avatar]
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Thanks, Earl, for the March donation!

  • [user avatar]
    bananu  1 month ago

    Thank you all again for having me join in on the blood bath today! There were times where it certainly felt like it was my own blood bath there haha ???? biglaugh



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Latest Posts

  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Reflux 1 week ago
    Bananu,Thanks. It really was my pleasure. I love helping the damsel in distress, especially the giggly ones. :P I...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by bananu 1 week ago
    Awesome as, cheers Binge! If I'm not working y'all can count me in :-D----P.s. I'd be doing you guys a terrible disse...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Binge and Grab 2 weeks ago
    time difference aint too bad your only 14 hours ahead of me... so if you ever want to join us for Sunday Scrim, it wo...
  • [user avatar]
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by bananu 2 weeks ago
    Welcome Bananu ! been fun playing with you the last few weeks even though i have to stay up till 2 or 3 am :>....
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 3 weeks ago
    Must have...a few got returned to me from the post office for vulgarity...that's a thing??Envelopes this year for sure!
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Binge and Grab 3 weeks ago
    speaking of Christmas Cards, did mine get lost in the mail ? :P
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Explorateur 3 weeks ago
    Reflux is helpful up to the point when he knives you over and over again in game...One of the many reasons why Reflux...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by Binge and Grab 3 weeks ago
    Welcome Bananu ! been fun playing with you the last few weeks even though i have to stay up till 2 or 3 am :>. Come b...
  • [user avatar]
    Posted by bananu 4 weeks ago
    It was almost a month ago now when this here whipper-snipper got herself in a right pickle and broke the game. Crash ...

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UrT - The Battle Jump tournament

 DankRider   26 Oct : 01:42
Urbane Terror Jump Tournament Get your jump on and join now
- http://urban-zone.org/

New Riyadh 2

 Frog   06 Sep : 21:21
New Riyadh 2 - Very cool. Look at the skybox and edge of the playing areas!

New Algiers

 Frog   03 Aug : 05:33