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  • SG
    SG  3 days ago

    Hi guys, I was talking to my son about the good time I had with FSK405 BBK in 2016. I show him some photos. I miss you guys ! That was so friendly and fun. I hope you are all doing well. SG

  • thirsty
    thirsty  1 week ago

    er, I see the top.gg thing now in the third post. Try the link in the first post?

  • thirsty
  • thirsty
    thirsty  1 week ago

    top.gg? Try the one in our forums instead.

  • Littlefoot
    Littlefoot  1 week ago

    It's a Littlefoot sighting...
    Tried to get on Discord but the link in Top.gg is invalid...whatever, I'm out.

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 weeks ago

    Thank you, TB, for the April donation! Is there a pattern here?

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  1 month ago

    Thanks to TB for the March donation!

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  2 months ago

    Hi Speedy! Still hanging in there. Com join the fun Friday and Sunday evenings. We are all on Discord these days.

  • Speedy
    Speedy  2 months ago

    suppp peopleee? how you doing this freaking days? Every one on vacations?

  • SAM-Medic
    SAM-Medic  3 months ago

    Hiya SG! Health and prosperity to you, too!

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Welcome to the FSK405 community! Over 15 years strong!!

You already know that FSK405 hosts one seriously KickAss CTF server but what you might not know is that we also host maps and game files on our FTP server, a public TeamSpeak 3 server, Urban Terror servers, Superman Server, Jumps Server, BFBC2 Server, Support for UrbanTerror Releases & Patches mirrors, master server and DNS, . Likewise, our monthly server bill is hefty and we greatly appreciate any PayPal donations you can make! Click the paypal logo to the right to help keep the server running! Even $5 will help so don't be bashful.

UrT - The Battle Jump tournament

26 Oct : 01:42  |  Urban Terror News  |   0
Get your jump ON!
Urbane Terror Jump Tournament Get your jump on and join now
- http://urban-zone.org/

New Riyadh 2

06 Sep : 21:21  |  Urban Terror News  |   1
New Riyadh 2
New Riyadh 2 - Very cool. Look at the skybox and edge of the playing areas!

New Algiers

03 Aug : 05:33  |  Urban Terror News  |   1
New Algiers